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News Briefs 3-31-2013

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Is your ComEd bill 48% less this year?

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The Kankakee Mayor claims your ComEd bill decreased 48% (read it here) because of her leadership.

Any fourth grader can tell you the 48% math isn’t possible. On average, your total bill for the same kilowatt hours will run about 25-35 percent less.

Posted byJoanie Liesenfelt, Publisher/Managing Editor 3-20-2013

Last fall, the City of Kankakee changed to a different electricity supplier, FirstEnergy Solutions.

I asked around: Have you saved money on your electricity? Most answered Yes. 50 percent? Two were very clear: “That can’t be, only the electricity cost is lower, the rest of the bill is the same,” much less than 50% savings.

If you believe I’m wrong, you’re welcome to post some math.

It’s a good program, why overinflate the savings?

Stupidity or something worse?

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Small Town
When you do not stand up
when government and power
retaliate to shut you up,
when you cower under cover,
never speaking up,
you become the attacker,
you give government power
to attack another and another.
You are attacked because
the person before you cowered.
The next is attacked because of you.
So on your feet!
Do not whisper,
do not hide pretending
you do not see,
speak out, loud, here, now,
like you live in America,
before it’s gone.
Joanie Liesenfelt
October 3, 2013
Who will try?
Citizen Media Law Project: Legal Resources for Citizen Journalists
Thank Nelson Mandela
for his incredible work
for peace and justice
Nelson Mandala image from Care2 make a difference
Nelson Mandela is a world leader and example of peace and justice.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner fought apartheid and campaigned against the racist policies of the South African government despite strong opposition. No matter how many times he was discouraged from his mission or jailed for political offenses, Mandela never gave up his fight for justice.
Mandela wasn't afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believed. In his efforts, he has changed the world for the better. And his passionate conviction has inspired many others to do the same.
For today's Daily Action, pledge to do what you can in your own life to promote tolerance and justice. Visit Care2 make a difference
“Nobody home!
Steal My Plumbing!
Trash Me!”
Posted by 6-2-2013
Most street-wise people know not to be a victim of crime. Never flash a large roll of cash or open a very full wallet in plain site. Avoid bragging about your Mercedes out in the lot. Avoid certain neighborhoods at all times. Avoid others at peak crime hours. Don’t pick fights in bars. Carry a real police whistle. Carry pepper spray.
These hints aren’t anything new. Criminals needn’t be the brightest bulbs in the lamp to victimize people successfully. Following the hints buys you an edge.
Protecting yourself is frequently straight-forward. Protecting property may be a tad more complex. But, again, basic cautions are simple, particularly when protecting, say, your house.
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