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Kankakee electric higher than ComEd: Now what?

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$186,000 of Kankakee money goes to a Georgia Business

Ongoing Investigation
by Joanie Liesenfelt, Publisher/Managing Editor updated 6-3-2013
According to local sources, a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) was made to the City of Kankakee asking for copies of documents, check copies Continue reading

Local newspaper drops the ball again — on purpose

Commentary | | posted 6-3-2013
A memorial service was held for Joan Reed in Kankakee May 7, 2013 at the River North/Freight House Pub at 555 S. West Avenue in Kankakee. Continue reading

Joan Reed April 11, 1948 — April 11, 2013


Joan Marie Reed, mother, dear companion, sister, friend, educator, activist, long-time resident of Kankakee, IL, passed away April 11 on her 65th birthday. Continue reading

Plywood Beckons!

“Nobody home!
Steal My Plumbing!
Trash Me!”
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$186,000 of Kankakee money goes to a Georgia business

City of Kankakee way-finding signs, purchased from Norcross, Georgia, next to Epstein look-a-like with some text covered to show design features.

City of Kankakee way-finding signs (purchased from Norcross, Georgia) with Epstein look-a-like (some text covered to show design features).

Ongoing Investigation
Posted by Joanie Liesenfelt, Publisher/Managing Editor 4-7-2013
The City of Kankakee spent $186,000 (or more) for way-finding signs at a Georgia business not a Kankakee business. Mayor Epstein must think Kankakee sign makers are no good. Continue reading

Jarman Porter: Because we deserve better

Jarman Porter: Because we deserve betterJarman Porter:
Choose the Future

Mayor Epstein: “how can someone determined to commit such a horrendous crime be stopped?

Kankakee Public Safety Center

Mayor Epstein:
“how can someone determined to commit such a horrendous crime be stopped?”

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Dr. Jarman Porter rally 3-23-2013 at Soul da Soul Kankakee, IL

Get to know Dr. Porter:
hear his presentation at
Soul da Soul recorded
3-23-2013 in Kankakee.

Mayor claims she got millions for neighborhood renewal: Where is it?

Mayor Epstein threatened to fire Steve Lanter, CDA construction manager and grant writer, if he refused again to ignore her illegal plan. (The threat was in writing, I’ve been told).

Personal Stories series | Continue reading

Are you better off today than 4 years ago?

Letter to the Editor
from Darrel W. Bruck Jr.

The City of Kankakee has been in decline for many years as most of us know who grew up here. The city’s decline not only hurts its residents but also brings down the rest of the county. Continue reading

“Leadership is equally to blame”
for Alderman Stokes recent behavior

Tim Schmidt

by Tim Schmidt 2-20-2013 reprinted from Facebook with permission.

Heard that Alderman Stokes took it off the rails at last night’s Kankakee City Council meeting. Aldermen walked out. Facebook commentary attacking him Continue reading

Tell the ACLU
(Protector of Illinois foster youth):

In November 2012, a majority of Kankakee Aldermen voted Yes to housing youth in the old Senesac Funeral Home without doing State recommended tests for possible embalming fluid spills.

Run the tests, Indian Oaks.

These youth have been abused enough.

Read more:

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City of Kankakee invents “Quorum of Two”

(Read background article below)

According to the two remaining members of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, the Mayor’s Office told them they now have a “quorum of two” (instead of three) and it is sufficient for conducting all business and voting. Continue reading

City of Kankakee fire engineKankakee stalls back pay to Firefighter Stokes:
Termination overturned August 2012

Arbitrator orders the City to “make him whole”
Outrageous story to justify firing

Comment on this story   |  continue reading»

JetUnited Airlines says
Sales-Tax sham in Sycamore is legal

Read how they do it and what’s stolen from some of our neighbors in Bloomingdale, Forest View and Cook County.

standup flip calendarWhat’s Kankakee government up to this week?
See their agendas

Kankakee stalling on back pay owed to Firefighter Stokes

Posted byJoanie Liesenfelt, Publisher/Managing Editor 2-3-2013
City of Kankakee fire engine
Jim Stokes at City Council
James Stokes at Kankakee City Council 6-4-2012
According to Arbitrator Amedeo Greco in his report dated August 27, 2012, the City of Kankakee shall immediately make:

an offer of reinstatement to grievant James H. Stokes, Jr. and payment to him of a possible back pay award calculated in the manner described above.” Continue reading

Children May Die!

Senesac Funeral and Cremations sign
Posted by Joanie Liesenfelt, Publisher/Managing Editor
My View, read at Kankakee City Council
Oct. 15, 2012 8:55 a.m.
Updated 11-13-2012 Document links added to text read at City Council
Children May Die

Kankakee is about to make a decision approving the use of the former Senesac Funeral Home and Cremations site at 200 S. Washington (City changing to 210) into a group home leased by Nexus Indian Oaks Academy of Manteno, IL. Continue reading

Fighting Back On Tasers
The Public i, Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center Posted on Feb. 2010 by Barbara Kessel | update: still awaiting trial
Small Town
When you do not stand up
when government and power
retaliate to shut you up,
when you cower under cover,
never speaking up,
you become the attacker,
you give government power
to attack another and another.
You are attacked because
the person before you cowered.
The next is attacked because of you.
So on your feet!
Do not whisper,
do not hide pretending
you do not see,
speak out, loud, here, now,
like you live in America,
before it’s gone.
Joanie Liesenfelt
October 3, 2013
Who will try?
Citizen Media Law Project: Legal Resources for Citizen Journalists
Thank Nelson Mandela
for his incredible work
for peace and justice
Nelson Mandala image from Care2 make a difference
Nelson Mandela is a world leader and example of peace and justice.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner fought apartheid and campaigned against the racist policies of the South African government despite strong opposition. No matter how many times he was discouraged from his mission or jailed for political offenses, Mandela never gave up his fight for justice.
Mandela wasn't afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believed. In his efforts, he has changed the world for the better. And his passionate conviction has inspired many others to do the same.
For today's Daily Action, pledge to do what you can in your own life to promote tolerance and justice. Visit Care2 make a difference
“Nobody home!
Steal My Plumbing!
Trash Me!”
Posted by 6-2-2013
Most street-wise people know not to be a victim of crime. Never flash a large roll of cash or open a very full wallet in plain site. Avoid bragging about your Mercedes out in the lot. Avoid certain neighborhoods at all times. Avoid others at peak crime hours. Don’t pick fights in bars. Carry a real police whistle. Carry pepper spray.
These hints aren’t anything new. Criminals needn’t be the brightest bulbs in the lamp to victimize people successfully. Following the hints buys you an edge.
Protecting yourself is frequently straight-forward. Protecting property may be a tad more complex. But, again, basic cautions are simple, particularly when protecting, say, your house.
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