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The people have fought and won against two other dump proposals and we will fight another one. We do not want to be the dump for Chicago and Cook County because county government can not bring themselves to live within their means.
By Darrel W. Bruck, Jr. 6-12-2013
Republic Services Newton County, IN, landfill

A “tipper” lifts a truck trailer to dump its contents at the Newton County Landfill, owned and operated by Republic Services. The landfill covers more than 400 acres south of Indiana 114, west of Interstate 65 with 20 years plus existing capacity. Times of Northwest Indiana-Marc Chase.

Protecting Our Water Environment & River, nfp (POWER), would like to thank everyone who attended the June 11, 2013 Kankakee County board meeting. We had a great turnout especially for a weekday morning meeting. I know many of you wanted to be there but could not because you had to go to work. Thanks to those who also spoke during public comment.
Those of you who attended got a first hand experience of how negative the board treats public input. They want to avoid it like the plague. This is why the board held no public hearings on changing the solid waste plan. Instead, they pushed passing the Open-for-a-Chicago-regional-garbage-dump ordinance.
Clearly getting a mega Chicago Regional garbage dump here is on the fast track. A dump developer has already expressed interest, something the younger board members seem to be blissfully naive about.
Board members George Washington, Jr. and Steven Liehr stated the public that attended the meeting was ignorant to just how safe dumping garbage into a mountain   is.  In   so   many
words, they said the board knows best.
Each board member was given a sheet by Chairman Bossert with positive comments to say about bringing a large dump here like the one on I-55 near Pontiac, 200 feet high and hundreds of acres across.
The whole thing was like a big play. Members had their lines printed out for them. Only 5 out of 28 did not go with the script.
A special thanks to county board members Larry Enz and Robert Snipes. They consistently stood up for the citizens in this county. I am sure Chairman Bossert and States Attorney Jamie Boyd will come down hard on them.
As Chairman Bossert said yesterday, he did not go to bid or explore any other consultant than JDB Con- sulting Services which will be paid by us citizens $20,000 a month or $240,000 annually.
No answer was given, when asked why he did not look into anyone else for perhaps a better deal. The Illinois Secretary of State office shows JDB Consulting is operated by James D Burnham of Downers Grove. Bus. Phone: 630-333-5695. Continue reading »


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Small Town
When you do not stand up
when government and power
retaliate to shut you up,
when you cower under cover,
never speaking up,
you become the attacker,
you give government power
to attack another and another.
You are attacked because
the person before you cowered.
The next is attacked because of you.
So on your feet!
Do not whisper,
do not hide pretending
you do not see,
speak out, loud, here, now,
like you live in America,
before it’s gone.
Joanie Liesenfelt
October 3, 2013
Who will try?
Citizen Media Law Project: Legal Resources for Citizen Journalists
Thank Nelson Mandela
for his incredible work
for peace and justice
Nelson Mandala image from Care2 make a difference
Nelson Mandela is a world leader and example of peace and justice.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner fought apartheid and campaigned against the racist policies of the South African government despite strong opposition. No matter how many times he was discouraged from his mission or jailed for political offenses, Mandela never gave up his fight for justice.
Mandela wasn't afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believed. In his efforts, he has changed the world for the better. And his passionate conviction has inspired many others to do the same.
For today's Daily Action, pledge to do what you can in your own life to promote tolerance and justice. Visit Care2 make a difference
“Nobody home!
Steal My Plumbing!
Trash Me!”
Posted by 6-2-2013
Most street-wise people know not to be a victim of crime. Never flash a large roll of cash or open a very full wallet in plain site. Avoid bragging about your Mercedes out in the lot. Avoid certain neighborhoods at all times. Avoid others at peak crime hours. Don’t pick fights in bars. Carry a real police whistle. Carry pepper spray.
These hints aren’t anything new. Criminals needn’t be the brightest bulbs in the lamp to victimize people successfully. Following the hints buys you an edge.
Protecting yourself is frequently straight-forward. Protecting property may be a tad more complex. But, again, basic cautions are simple, particularly when protecting, say, your house.
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