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Theft: Loves Travel Stop & Country Stores

Posted by | 7-16-2013 | source: Kankakee City Police Daily Blotter
On 07/14/2013, R/O was dispatched to 3407 S USHY 4552 (Loves Truck Stop) in reference to a subject attempting to use counterfeit currency. Upon arrival, R/O spoke with the cashier, later identified as Kaysee E. Frazer. Frazer stated a male black came into the business wanting to pre-pay for $60.00 worth of unleaded fuel. Frazer stated the subject pulled out a roll of money from his pocket and handed her three $20.00 USC bills. Frazer stated the bills felt different.
Frazer stated she marked the bills with a counterfeit pen and notified the customer he was in possession of counterfeit money. Frazer stated the subject gave her two more real $20.00 USC bills and stated he received the money from his uncle. Frazer asked the customer if he wanted her to test the rest of his money since he had a bunch in his hand. The customer declined and paid for the fuel
Frazer stated she notified the customer that she was calling the police at which point the customer stated it was no problem. Frazer stated she called the police; however when she looked out the window where he was pumping gas, he waved to her, got into his vehicle, and left N/B on Schuyler Ave.
Frazer stated he was driving a black Chevrolet Impala. The license plate Frazer provided did not return to the vehicle she stated he was driving. Frazer described the customer as an older male black over 6ft tall with a left glass eye.
Officers were unable to locate the vehicle or customer. The three counterfeit $20.00 USC bills were placed into evidence at the Kankakee City Police Department. Frazer stated a manager would be able to provide the surveillance tapes to detectives if needed.


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