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Your Chicago trash dump: Tell Kankakee County Board where to stick it.

Commentary by Joanie Liesenfelt
Publisher/Managing Editor
Add your favorite Kankakee County locations for the County’s new trash dump idea. To edit, just click on Larger View and enjoy.
So, just mulling things over here. Let’s consider some of the ideas floating around the County.
You know, like about Chairman Michael Bossert and State’s Attorney Jamie Boyd’s secret trash dump deal and secret location and all the secret months of doing the deal behind the backs of citizens and maybe paying consultant, James D. Burnham.
Unless, Mr. Burnham secretly agreed to work for nothing, find a dump investor, and wait for his $40,000-$60,000 for 2 – 3 months work, which he might have to give back because he’s educated and when he says, “I didn’t know the requirements about siting a landfill and don’t know anything about water-sheds”, well, that’s his job, isn’t it? So he’ll be toast, won’t he?
That is, of course, only if it’s a crime to keep government business a secret from the public and lie about your right to do it. In Kankakee, nothing the governing bodies do is called a crime. But gee, we’re now playing in the State of Illinois puddle. Hum, that’s a bit different. Just ask Mr. George Ryan how that worked for him.
So back to locations. The rumors suggest that Grant Park and Manteno are Mr. Bossert and Mr. Boyd’s favorite places for what they hope will be their new cash cow now that the state of Illinois is onto their little sales tax scam with the City of Kankakee.
If there is any truth to that hearsay, I guess Mr. Francis Smith of Manteno has already been consulted. I can’t imagine Mr. Smith or his local residents agreeing to be a trash dump for Chicago and Cook County waste. Trucks hauling tons of garbage through Manteno every day will pollute the air. And, as all landfills leak according to the landfill industry’s own documents, Manteno water may be first to go.
Of course, Mr. Bossert and Mr. Boyd may actually still be guarding their trashy little secret location.
So click the map, guess away, start a Trash Dump Pool, give the winner a year’s supply of bottled water from the Pontiac Landfill area to ease the adjustment to new money earned by our support of the old unimaginative decisions made by government types singing what they believe is their stay-out-of-jail mantra “I didn’t know.”


One thought on “Your Chicago trash dump: Tell Kankakee County Board where to stick it.

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