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Kankakee electric higher than ComEd: Now what?

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Commonwealth Edison rates are lower than the new City of Kankakee electric supplier, Verde Energy USA.
Posted by 7-5-2013
ComEd published Price to Compare, effective June 1 pending, for non-summer was 5.473 per kWh. with final approval 5.505 per kWh. (updated change 9/2013)
Verde Energy’s Price to Compare is higher, 5.607 per kWh per the City of Kankakee letter about the new electricity provider and including the opt-out choice.
Mayor Epstein said (Daily Journal June 4, 2013) the new rate through Verde would not take effect before Sept. 1. Therefore, the lower FES or ComEd rates would apply with only a loss of the lower rate through September.
Mrs. Epstein also said that if the ComEd price is lower than the Verde rate, Verde’s contract gives the City the option of canceling this contract and returning to ComEd. It appears that Verde Energy could also choose to lower its rate to match the ComEd rate.
Apparently, the City of Kankakee letter dated June 11, 2013 may have been written in May sometime as it does not seem to reflect the ComEd rates and Price to Compare published effective June 1, 2013.
Go to Plug In Illinois for more detail about ComEd charges.
Please Note: the Price to Compare does not include the Purchased Electricity Adjustment, which is a component of ComEd’s Electric Supply Charges. Last year it was a credit amount many months. But this year, ComEd is expecting it to be a charge more often.
According to Plug In Illinois, “You will not be subject to the Purchased Electricity Adjustment when you switch to a retail electricity supplier.”
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