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Local newspaper drops the ball again — on purpose

Commentary | | posted 6-3-2013
A memorial service was held for Joan Reed in Kankakee May 7, 2013 at the River North/Freight House Pub at 555 S. West Avenue in Kankakee. Joan’s two children, her dear companion, and many community members who cared about and admired Joan came to honor and miss her.
The announcement of the memorial service, submitted several weeks in advance to a local Kankakee newspaper, somehow befell unimaginable mishaps, as was explained to the several people who called asking why the announcement was not yet in the newspaper.
Finally, the afternoon of the event, a good-hearted journalist published the “misplaced” announcement.
If Joan was here, her presence would remind us to be persistent and committed to community and to the ethical values she herself practiced.
Let Joan’s memory push us to follow her lead.


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