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$186,000 of Kankakee money goes to a Georgia Business

Ongoing Investigation
by Joanie Liesenfelt, Publisher/Managing Editor updated 6-3-2013
According to local sources, a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) was made to the City of Kankakee asking for copies of documents, check copies and all accounting records related to the $186,000 the Mayor spent in Georgia for city way- finding signs.
We do not have a copy of the response from the Mayor. The source said the Mayor replied that the City did not pay: Kankakee Development Corp. paid for the signs.
If interested, you could contact  Bill  Yohnka,  Exec-
utive  Director  of  KDC,  to ask about this. Since we do not have documents, perhaps he can shed some light on why we would spend Kankakee money in another state.
While other areas of the country are enjoying an economic upturn, Kankakee area businesses and workers are suffering. While our house prices continue to drop, our unemployment is still on the rise.
Are there no sign makers in Kankakee or the state of Illinois? No one here or in the state who can write a  grant  for signs?
Actually, that’s pretty sad.
Wouldn’t you like to see those expenditures and the name on that grant? Wouldn’t you like to know why our elected officials sent money to help people in Norcross, GA, instead of helping Kankakee people and businesses?
Mr. Yohnka has a passion about Kankakee and works hard to improve things. Maybe he can show us what happened here.


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