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Are hundreds of truckloads of Chicagoland garbage coming to your area of the county?

By Darrel W. Bruck, Jr. 6-7-2013
Please call or email Chairman Bossert and your board member: tell them to vote No to changing the County Solid Waste Plan.
The Plan now says: The county is not interested in garbage dump developers coming here to locate a mega Chicago regional garbage dump.
Tell Chairman Bossert and your board member:
VOTE NO to making Kankakee County the garbage dump for Chicago.

Kankakee County board members emails and phones:
Kankakee County Board website
Kankakee County Board Members PDF.
You can find your district by looking at the Kankakee County Board District map or on your voter’s card.
VOTE NO to changing the Solid Waste Management Plan to:
The county board is seeking garbage dump developers to locate a mega Chicago regional garbage dump here.
We are a county in the watershed of the Kankakee River and the Illinois Geological Survey says this area is not appropriate for a mega garbage dump.
Areas being looked at are east and west of Kankakee. Limestone wells are already polluted by the Shell pipeline spill so some are saying this would be a good location. Others are saying somewhere off of Hwy 17 East.
Also, if you can, please attend the Kankakee County Board meeting this Tuesday June 11, at 9:00 a.m. at 189 E. Court St., Kankakee County administration building, corner of Court and Schuyler in Kankakee. The board room is on the 4th floor.
Public comment is at the beginning of the meetings so you do not have to stay for more than 15 minutes.
We want to fill the room to show support for getting the board to vote NO to the grand plan to make this area the dump for the Chicago region.
To read the transcript of the Kankakee County Board committee discussion of the dump, visit

Darrel W. Bruck Jr.


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