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Posted by staff Updated June 9, 2012

Why is the City of Kankakee’s contract with Allied so high compared to Bourbonnais, Bradley and other towns in Illinois? Or is it?*

At the Kankakee City Council Meeting November, 1, 2010, Mr. Richard Simms, Superintendent of Environmental Services Utility, explained that what the City was paying ABC Disposal, Inc. in their 2010 contract works out to a monthly per-household rate of around $17.00.

He went on to say that the new January 1, 2011 Allied Waste contract “is about $200,000.00 less per year for year number one.** He then talks about how the rest of our solid waste payment is going somewhere else.

Officials may not be using this extra money for their personal legal fees or for gambling parties on a Mississippi riverboat. But a garbage bill should be a garbage bill not a fund to go somewhere else, perhaps to cover errors or hidden problems.continue reading »

Our neighboring cities seem to follow best practices in this regard. So should the City of Kankakee. The extra $12.50 charge per month that goes somewhere else should be labeled separately and accounted for separately, showing what the City is doing with our money.

Contract Details

Allied Waste of Momence’s Contract Agreement with the City of Kankakee is not on the City’s website. Fortunately, Bourbonnais and Bradley talked with the Daily Journal about the details of their contracts with Allied Waste and their previous haulers.

Bourbonnais residents, in 2010, were paying ABC Disposal $14.25 per month for solid waste. Effective April 1, 2010, the Village of Bourbonnais changed to Allied Waste of Momence for solid waste and recycling pickup. The Daily Journal reported on March 25, 2010**that “the billing with Allied Waste will be $16.25 for the first year, with a 5 percent annual increase over the life of the five-year contract.”

Bradley residents, according to the Daily Journal October 11, 2011 ,** were paying an even $15 per month for waste removal. [to United Disposal of Bradley for garbage and recycling]. Under the new contract [with Allied Waste of Momence], residents will pay $17.62 a month, and that will rise to $22.16 a month by the end of the contract.”

Kankakee residents paid for ABC Disposal, Inc. $15.50 monthly in 2007 for solid waste, and $23.50 in 2008 and 2009 for solid waste and recycling. In 2010, the monthly increased to $29.50. (based on a review of monthly billing). But on November 1, 2010, Mr. Simms said at Kankakee City Council that the actual monthly household rate worked out to about $17.00.

So why is Kankakee paying over 12 dollars a month more for garbage than our neighboring cities when Mr. Simms says the contract with Allied Waste of Momence “is about $200,000.00 less per year” for 2011, year number one of the contract?

Where is our money going?

* City of Kankakee City Council Minutes November 1, 2010. A search for $17.00 will take you to this section.

** With a subscription to the Daily Journal, you may read older editions online. You may also read the Daily Journal archives at the Kankakee Public Library.

Note: An online review of monthly rates, published by other Illinois municipalities and municipalities throughout the United States who contracted with Allied Waste/Republic Services, showed monthly rates in 2011 up to $21.00 per month. In previous years, their fees were less.


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